This site allows you to search for and display Arbitrary Detention Documents issued by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.


Opinion coverage begins in 1992 and includes new documents as they are released. Annual Report coverage begins in 1991 and includes new documents as they are released.

Searching in English, French or Spanish

You can search for and display documents in three languages-English, French and Spanish. In the upper right corner, select the language you want to use.

Searching with Keywords

You can search for one of the following document types:

  • • Opinion (default)
  • • Annual Report

The Keywords search defaults to Opinions. To select Annual Reports, click Show Advanced Search, and select Annual Reports from the Document Type section.

Type a keyword or phrase using Natural Language in the Keywords box and then click Search.

For opinions, a list of documents is displayed showing the Opinion Number, Country, and Date the Opinion was adopted. A Summary of the Opinion is displayed in the Result List. Click the Opinion Number to display the entire opinion.

For Annual Reports the search result displays a Result List only.

Displaying all Opinions or all Annual Reports

Click Show advanced search. In the Document Type section, click Opinion or Annual Report to display all documents for the document type. To view a document on the list, click the Opinion Number or Annual Report title.

Using Advanced Search for Opinions

To conduct an advanced search for Opinions, click Show advanced search.

Note: Advanced Search features are only available for opinion documents.

Advanced Search Features
You can use one or more of the following advanced search features to locate an opinion document:

  • • Document Type
  • • Opinion Number
  • • Adopted Date
  • • Communication Date
  • • Persons
  • • Government Response
  • • Countries
  • • Working Group Session Number
  • • UN Document Number
  • • WGAD Decision Category
  • • Human Rights Articles & Instruments

Searching for Opinion Documents

Opinion Number
To search by Opinion Number, type the number of the opinion in the Opinion Number box.

Adopted Date From To
To search by the date range of dates of opinion adoption, click the appropriate year(s) in the From and To lists.

Communication Date From To
To search by the date or range of dates for the communication to the government, click the appropriate year(s) in the From and To lists.

To search by person, type the name of the person involved in the opinion in the box.

Government Response
Click Limit to documents with government response to petition box to limit your search to opinions that include a government response to the petition.

To search by country, click select countries. A list of countries with an opinion is displayed. Choose the countries you want to search. Click clear to remove selection(s).

Working Group Session Number
To search by Working Group Session Number, enter the number in the box. The result includes a list of opinions issued during the session.

UN Document Number
To retrieve all the opinions included in a document, enter the UN Document Number in the box. An example of a UN Document Number is A/HRC/16/47. The report includes a table of opinions adopted during the sessions covered in the report.

WGAD Decision

To limit your search to opinions by WGAD Decision categories, select the appropriate category or categories. For a description of categories, click WGAD Decision.

Human Rights Articles & Instruments

Click Select Human Rights Articles & Instruments to select specific articles that appear in the opinion(s). Click clear to clear your choices.

Opinion Language Note

The signs (X), (Y) and (Z) following a name indicate whether the information of that person's release was provided by the Government (X), the source (Y), or both (Z).)